Indian Tips and Tricks for Naturally Thick, Long, and Shiny Hair

How to Treat Your Hair the Right Way

Women in India seem to have a beauty secret. They all have wonderfully thick, long, and shimmering healthy hair that even seem to be resistant to turning gray. Strange, isn't it? My thought was that this cannot come just from good genes and a different nutrition. So I did some research. Here are some of their secrets which you actually might know already:

Indian women donĀ“t wash their hair every day. Two to three times a week are enough. So the hair and the scalp have time to re-grease. The natural grease is a great protection for your hair against all bad environmental influences like too much sun, too dry air, smog, dirt and dust for example. Try it yourself. It will need some time before you and your scalp get used to it, but it is worth it.

Your scalp will also be happy if you avoid using any hairdryer. Let your scalp and hair dry naturally in the air. You can wear a towel slung around your hair for a while so that your head does not get too cold.

Never use brushes or combs with metal prongs, rubber material or plastic. Rather take wood products.

In India the women do not style their hair in strict or bun hair styles. They tie their hair in a casual way with a loose band of any natural material. They usually do not use scrunchies. Special events of course require special hairstyling, but even then you should prefer to work with natural materials instead of metal, plastic or rubber products.

Secrets for Beautiful Long and Thick Hair

I really read a lot of beauty tips for the right hair care, longer eye lashes and how to reduce and avoid wrinkles. One thing I read is to use the the moon calendar for your beauty and wellness days. Best time for your hair care are the days with moon in leo and virgo. That means you have a time window of about 4 days each month as the best time to go to your hairdresser for a new hair cut, curl stylings or to color your hair. You might find this ridiculous, but it does not cost a penny so it is worth a try. In my case it needed 2 or 3 months - but then I got compliments from people who I never expected they had an eye for me or my hair.

Also recommendable are some vitamin tablets for hairs from your drugstore. These usually contain different vitamins plus folate, zinc and some other stuffs.

Helpful in addition is of course the right nutrition. If you eat burgers, fries and other junk food more than once a month you should really think it over. Best supporters for your hair to grow longer and get thicker and shiny are vegetables, lots of water, salads and: Nuts!

Indian women use certain oils for hair care. They put coconut oil into their hair for hours before they wash it again. This is like a mask. With this oil mask your hair will be protected and keep shining after you washed it out with a mild shampoo. You could also try it with olive oil - a question of which scent you prefer.

Last not least think about your lifestyle. Meaning you know that your every-day-stress and hurry will be reflected in: You look tired, your skin looks grey, you have deep dark circles around your eyes and you feel exhausted, tired and weak. Please take more care of yourself. Take time to relax. Hold in, breathe deep and slowly until also your heart beats a little slower and reserve some time to get back into balance. The balance of your innermost is the most important for feeling well. A complete wellness day per week can work wonder. Enjoy it!